Goal 9: Industri, Innovation and Infrastructure

Goal 9 encompasses three important aspects of sustainable development: infrastructure, industrialization and innovation. Infrastructure provides the basic physical systems and structures essential to the operation of a society or enterprise. Industrialization drives economic growth, creates job opportunities and thereby reduces income poverty. Innovation advances the technological capabilities of industrial sectors and prompts the development of new skills, the UN write on their website.

Examples on research from UCPH addressing goal 9:

Researchers help Africa create export of camel milk

A group of researchers from DTU and University of Copenhagen collaborate with researcher from Haramaya University in Ethiopia to create basis for manufacturing dairy products based on camel milk. They project may have great influence on jobs and growth in the region because Sudan, Kenya and Somalia are rich in numbers of camels. 

The researchers investigate which requirements are necessary to develop products and establish the needed capacity on Haramaya University so the university becomes able to support infrastructure and development of new dairy products

Primary Sustainable Development Goals: 1,2,4,8,9 and 17

Read a full describtion of the Haramaya Camel Dairy project here.

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