Goal 5: Gender Equality

Gender equality and women’s empowerment have advanced in recent decades. Girls’ access to education has improved, the rate of child marriage declined and progress was made in the area of sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, including fewer maternal deaths. Nevertheless, gender equality remains a persistent challenge for countries worldwide and the lack of such equality is a major obstacle to sustainable development, the UN write on their website.

Examples on research from UCPH addressing goal 5:


GREEiNSECT is a research consortium working on insects for food and feed in Kenya, supporting capacity building and producing scientific evidence through PhD studies in the fields of insect production, food product development, environmental and livelihood assessments.

Effect on gender equality, according to GREEiNSECT's handout on Insectproduction and SDGs:

  • 71% of cricket farmers in Kenya are women and insect farming can be a source of economic empowerment.

Credit: Afton Halloran

Follow the link to read more about GREEiNSECT.
Watch Nanna Roos' TEDx talk on GREEiNSECT.

Primary Sustainable Development Goals: 2, 5, 17

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