Dekorativt billede af frugt og avisResearch

SCIENCE research related to developing countries has an annual turnover of DKK 120 million. Global challenges like climate change, food security and sustainable development are addressed. Research is carried out with colleagues in Africa, Latin America and Asia aiming at the highest quality and often with a multidisciplinary approach.

Research competences and a few project examples are:

Natural resources and ecosystems

Resource management, policies and economics

Food security and nutrition


Interaction between nature and culture

For more information, check out what research we do at UCPH SCIENCE and see examples on SCIENCE's development projects in the video below:


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Thanks to the UCPH researchers, the Prey Lang Community and Daniel Madsen (picture of professor Ida Theilade and a local) for letting us use their photos. The music in the video is a shortened version of “Povo Que Caís Descalço” made by Dead Combo.