Online and elective courses

Online courses

The Faculty of Science offers unique online courses, which can be followed from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is internet access.

One of our online courses with a particular focus on development issues are:

UCPH also offers other open online courses in collaboration with Coursera. However, the University of Copenhagen does not offer ECTS credits for completion of a MOOC. Read more about UCPH's Massive Open Online Courses.

Summer courses

SCIENCE also offers summer courses with special relevance for both bachelor and MSc programme students as well as companies interested in development:

BSc programme
MSc programme

Read more and see the full list of summer courses offered by KU SCIENCE.

Elective courses

KU SCIENCE offers a number of elective courses through the semesters that pay special attention to development issues. Since both BSc and MSc programme students have the opportunity to choose a limited number of electives, you can apply for the courses regardless of your level of enrollment. 

Block 1
Block 2

Block 3

Block 4