Continuing education

The Faculty of Science offers a range of opportunities within continuing education and training for professionals such as academics, teachers, trainers, project managers, practicians or administrative staff be it expatriates or national employees who need an academic update on a specific subject or new qualifications within a certain discipline.

Apart from the post-experience courses and programmes, all ordinary BSc and MSc courses are open for admission under the framework of continuing education. Adequate language skills are required for admission to all programmes and courses.

Flexible structure
At SCIENCE the academic year is organised into four blocks of nine weeks each (15 ECTS - European Credit Transfer System). This makes it more flexible to arrange intensive continued education and training of short duration.

Customised courses are a third option: We develop courses or programmes tailored to the particular needs of an individual or a group. The cost as well as language requirements of such courses and programmes vary considerably.

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