9 January 2018

How your choice of buscuits and shampoo can save rainforest

This news is redirected and translated by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from Verden Bedste Nyheder.

In Denmark and Europe many have become aware that our shopping habits for example buying shampoo and buscuits can cause servere damage to the rainforest in tropical countries (...).

But there is a need to know more about the relation between our choices in the supermarcet and the effect of them in the countries, where the raw materials come from. This is the opinion of Thilde Bech Bruun Associated Professor at Department of Geosciences and Natural Ressource Management at UCPH. She is one of the Danish researchers who are to participate in a large reseach project which aim to create knowledge on the international trade.

Read the whole article on the subject here (Danish only).

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