17 May 2018

YES! Research Grant Competition: Improve the sustainability of the food system

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The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition invites young talents to submit research proposals for a Research Grant of 20,000 €. A maximum of three research proposals will be awarded the BCFN YES! Research Grant.

The Research Grant is intended to support researchers in the early stage of their career, who are pursuing or have completed a PhD, participating as individual or as a team. The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition encourages the participation of teams from different disciplines and/or countries who wish to combine their expertise in innovative approaches.

Thus, the objectives of the BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition are:

  • - To encourage young scientists to undertake research in the field of challenging issues related to food and nutrition;
  • To foster collaborative investigations;
  • To open new and innovative areas of research and creating next generation of experts in the field of food and nutrition;
  • To promote an evidence based and comprehensive analysis on the current concerns in the field;
  • To determine solutions for improved food security, sustainable agriculture and healthy nutrition for building more resilient livelihoods, contributing to global health, preventing and mitigating the impact of climate change and address migrations.

Topic Areas
The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition offers the opportunity to put into action concrete proposals that will have the objective of making more sustainable the agri-food system (in terms of environmental, social, health and/or economic aspects) and coherent with the BCFN research projects. Research proposals are to be proposed in one or more of the following areas:

1. Sustainable and healthy dietary patterns1. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Healthy and sustainable diet promotion; nutritional education (individuals, schools, university, workplace); consumer behavior change; food, environmental and agricultural policy analysis; food policies and initiatives (national and urban level);

2. Sustainable agriculture2. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Women in agriculture; youth in agriculture; climate change mitigation and adaptation; urban agriculture; sustainable value chains; food waste and food losses prevention and reduction;

agroecology, conservation agriculture and traditional knowledge; sustainableintensification; assessments of environmental impacts; large scale land acquisitions and displacement; land rights and rural development;

3. Food security3. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Energy, nutrient and micronutrient deficiencies; food access; food utilization (feeding practices, food preparation, diversity of the diet and intra-household distribution of food); food security and migrations; smallholder livelihoods, right to food.

The BCFN wants to support studies that are innovative, have a promise of major impact, are result-oriented and look at food systems and food value chains with a systemic approach, preferably, where relevant, blending scientific knowledge with local knowledge. Country case studies and identification of best practice are strongly encouraged. The funding shall be applied to a one-year investigation.

The competition encourages research ideas that might be considered groundbreaking with potential to be of high impact for the sustainability of the agri-food system and the implementation of the SDGs, and the review will be weighted to this innovation factor.

BCFN encourages submission of:

  • Either new or ongoing research projects;
  • Either unfunded proposals projects that are co-financed by a research institute, trust, foundation, university, private companies, venture capital funds, angel investors. Details of research timeline and supplemental sources of financial support should be specified in the application form.

Applicants who are pursuing or have completed a PhD degree, who are/have enrolled in the PhD program from January 1st 2012 included, are eligible. All the Participants must be under the age of 35 at the date of November 28th, 2018. Eligibility criteria are unappealable and intend to favor young researchers in their early stage of their career.

The BCFN YES! Research Grant Competition is designed for individual or multidisciplinary and/or cross-national research teams that consist of a maximum of three components (hereinafter “Participants”).

Read the full call for proposals here.

Completed proposals must be submitted online through the BCFN web site by June 14, 2018 11:59 a.m. CEST.

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