4 March 2019

We are all part of the Green Belt Movement

New Danish documentary about UCPH distinguished alumnus and nobel prize winner Wangari Maathai is now released. The following news is translated and redirected by SCIENCE from Globalnyt.

As the result of a green movement in Kenya, more than 52 million new trees have been planted in Kenya up until this date. A new Danish documentary tells the story about the woman who went against the Kenyan establishment to achieve this. At the same time, the movie provides an insight into sustainability and the maintenance of the forests in Kenya.

The forests are like giant CO2 vacuum cleaners, thus it is important to the climate how we manage and replant forests. From 1970 till 2019 more than 52 million trees have been planted as part of the Green Belt Movement and many of them are extracted from ancient species.

It was the farmergirl Wangari Maathai who got the idea to start planting sustainable trees and who iniciated the movement during her education. The Danish moviemaker and documentarist Hans Wessing - mostly known for his many movies on Bhutan - has now released the movie Planting Trees in Kenya – Legacy of Wangari Maathai...

Read the whole article from Globalnyt here (Danish only).