10 March 2017

Tropentag 2017: Call for papers

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from Tropentag.

This year's conference theme: Future agriculture - Social-ecological transitions and bio-cultural shifts.

Annual interdisciplinary conference on research in tropical and subtropical agriculture, natural resource management and rural development. Tropentag is an annual international conference on food security, natural resource management and rural development.

Agricultural systems in developing countries are currently undergoing drastic changes. Systemimmanent attributes such as visions, aspirations, cultural specifics and production factor availability shape the response of land users to growing external pressures such as climate change, market demands, land degradation, emerging diseases and policies. In addition to such social-ecological transitions, substantial bio-cultural shifts occur and are imposed by centrally-planned establishments of large-scale intensification corridors and protection zones, or are associated with infrastructure development and urbanisation processes.

The wide array of resulting response pathways and land use or production strategies may include intensification, diversification, and specialisation, but can also lead to abandonment of land, migration and conflicts. What are the implications of such developments and change processes for food security, resource base quality, rural well-being, and in general for the future of agriculture? These questions and related topics will be addressed in plenary presentations and key note lectures in thematic sessions.

Submission procedure

Abstracts of original research on the featured topics containing 250‐350 words must be submitted using the online form at www.tropentag.de by May 15, 2017. Please ensure that abstracts submitted are meeting a proper level of quality regarding content and language. A panel of referees will decide if an abstract will be accepted, and if yes, as a poster or as an oral presentation. A program committee will allocate the accepted contributions to interdisciplinary sessions. Acceptance of abstracts will be sent by June 15, 2017.


Tropentag encourages to organize workshops targeting a specific topic (related to food security, natural resource management and rural development), or offering capacity building, task forces for projects and more.

Read more about the conference, workshops and submission of papers/abstracts on the conference website.