18 November 2016

The World Bank: "We are running around as headless fowl"

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To strengthen the private sector in vulnerable areas is a good idea. The participants of a seminar at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can agree on that much - but many call for more research on the area that can cover where and how to take action.

Almost 60 people from 10 different countries turned up on the 7th of November in Eigtveds Pakhus to take part in the one-day seminar arranged by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the headline "Private Sector Development in Conflict and Fragility Affected Environments” - henceforth shortened FCV for Fragility, Conflict and Violence. This signify areas or countries where unstability, conflict and/or violence makes development and the fight against poverty difficult. According to the World Bank two billion people are today living in such areas.

The thought behind the seminar is to look at and share experiences about how the strengthening of the pricate sector in such areas can help combat poverty and secure development.

As chief advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Henrik Vistisen says in his welcome speech: "The seminar is an opportunity to increase our knowledge about what works where."

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