30 March 2016

The Nordic Africa Days 2016 - Call for papers

Call for Papers

The Nordic Africa Days (NAD) is the biannual conference of the Nordic Africa Institute organised for the past 15 years in the Nordic countries, with participants representing the state of the art in African Studies and Africa related knowledge production. The Nordic Africa Days 2016 has a thematic focus on gender relations in contemporary Africa.

NAD 2016 wishes to establish a platform to discuss gender in contemporary Africa, building on existing research and opening new perspectives on the transformative processes lived in the continent. The conference aims to be a forum for academic exchange and intellectual development, where contributions from a new generation of researchers are important and welcome. PhD candidates and other young scholars are strongly encouraged to participate. The conference also provides a venue for dialogue between Africa specialists within academic and policy arenas.

Submission of Paper Proposals

Paper proposals linked to the accepted panels are primarily invited. On the conference web page (http://www.nai.uu.se/nad-2016/panels/) you will find descriptions of the panels which have been accepted for the conference. For questions on panel content please contact the panel organisers directly.

Paper abstracts should include a description of the topic not exceeding 300 words, in Word format (not Pdf), name, affiliation and contact details of the author. Indicate in your submission for which panel you are submitting your proposal. A person can only propose one paper for the conference.

Paper proposals should be submitted to nad2016@nai.uu.se no later than 3 May 2016. Authors will be notified on acceptance by early June.

For questions please contact nad2016@nai.uu.se  Telephone: 0046 (0)18 471 52 45

NAD 2016 conference web page: http://www.nai.uu.se/nad-2016/