25 September 2017

The Carlsberg foundation invests half a billion in sustainable development

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from The Carlsberg Foundation.

The Carlsberg Foundation announces 500m DKK impact investment in carbon reduction, water conservation and sustainable food production to accelerate science that matters.

The announcement was made by the Chairman of the board of the Carlsberg Foundation, Flemming Besenbacher at the New York Climate Week opening ceremony.

With the investment, the Carlsberg Foundation further strengthens the efforts to support sustainable development and address global challenges with insight and knowledge.

The 500m DKK (80m USD) investment will be managed by Impax Asset Management with the aim of generating financial returns, while delivering tangible sustainability benefits. More specifically, the investments are focused on the Parvest Global Environment Fund, the Parvest Aqua Fund and the Parvest SMaRT Food Fund.

The Carlsberg Foundation is one of the world’s oldest industrial foundations and has been the principal shareholder of the Carlsberg Group since 1888. Today, the Foundation still receives its revenue from Carlsberg Group dividends which are used to support impactful research within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, aiming to drive the world forward through enlightenment.

Earlier this year, the Carlsberg Group announced its own bold sustainability programme, whereby the Group aims to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. With the programme, Together Towards ZERO, the Group aims to eliminate carbon emissions and water waste at its breweries by 2030.

Flemming Besenbacher, Chairman of the board of the Carlsberg Foundation:

“To accelerate sustainable development and live up to the promise set forth in the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the world is in critical need of investments that equally seek financial, social and environmental returns.”

“With this 500m DKK investment, the Carlsberg Foundation aims to contribute by igniting ground-breaking research and new thinking while generating sustainable returns, which we can give back to society or reinvest in other impact funds.”

“I am pleased that these efforts can supplement Carlsberg Group’s very ambitious sustainability ambitions of becoming carbon neutral and eliminating water waste at its breweries by 2030.”

Ian Simm, Founder and Chief Executive of Impax Asset Management, says:

“Since 1998, Impax’s primary objective has been to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns over the long-term while providing our clients with the means to quantify the environmental impact of their investments. Impax has pioneered the development of environmental impact metrics for listed equity portfolios. We’re highly encouraged by the steps that our investee companies are willing to take to improve the depth, breadth and clarity of their reporting.”

About the Carlsberg Foundation:

The Carlsberg Foundation is one of the world’s oldest industrial foundations, established in 1876. The Carlsberg Foundation has two main objectives: 1) To be an active investor with a controlling interest in Carlsberg A/S; 2) To support basic scientific research within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, making the world smarter. For more than 140 years The Carlsberg Foundation have ignited ground-breaking and impactful research that keeps the world enlightened while addressing the global challenges of tomorrow.

About Impax Asset Management

Impax Asset Management manages or advises on approximately £7.2 bn in both listed and private equity strategies primarily for institutional clients. The Company’s investments are based on the strong conviction that population dynamics, resource scarcity, inadequate infrastructure and environmental constraints will profoundly shape global markets, creating investment risks and opportunities. Impax expects that these trends, reflecting the transition towards a more sustainable global economy, will drive earnings growth for well-positioned companies. Impax’s proprietary investment framework identifies and calibrates the rising risks and expanding opportunities from this transition, and guides the search for investments that will deliver long term outperformance.