18 September 2017

Climate changes may ruin up to 59 pct. of Ethiopian coffee growing areas

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from Nature Plants.

Coffee farming provides livelihoods for around 15 million farmers in Ethiopia and generates a quarter of the country's export earnings. Against a backdrop of rapidly increasing temperatures and decreasing rainfall, there is an urgent need to understand the influence of climate change on coffee production. This is how the researchers behind this project introduce there findings in Nature plants.

They continue by writing, that they have used a modelling approach in combination with remote sensing, supported by rigorous ground-truthing to project changes in suitability for coffee farming under various climate change scenarios. 

The results are, that 39–59% of the current growing area could experience climatic changes that are large enough to render them unsuitable for coffee farming, in the absence of significant interventions or major influencing factors.

Read the whole research article from Nature Plants here.