14 March 2017

PROIntensAfrica's final seminar presents a strategy proposal for a long-term EU–Africa R&I partnership

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Newsletter from PROIntensAfrica

The PROIntensAfrica project is quickly reaching its end on 31 March 2017. Almost all deliverables have been submitted to the European Commission, and the consortium is now working on its final product: A strategy proposal for a long-term EU-Africa Research and Innovation Partnership.

The document is a synthesis of the work done within the several work packages on impact assessment, mechanism for funding and governance of bi-continental partnerships, and the possible research agenda for the future research and innovation partnership. But it is more than a synthesis only. It takes into account ongoing developments in the policy domain, like the HLPD Roadmap on FNSSA, and other projects started recently (LEAP-Agri) of the last two years. Besides, it reflects the thinking and idea formulation of a large consortium of African and European partners on future strategic cooperation.

The strategy proposal will be the main input for discussions at the final PROIntensAfrica project workshop which will be organized next week in collaboration with the African Union, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 13-15 March 2017. On Tuesday 14 March, a public seminar will be organized. Representatives of different stakeholder groups are invited to attend, as well as representatives of the EC, AUC, research funders, famers organisations, private sector, and NGOs. The valued inputs of the different stakeholders will guide the PROIntensAfrica consortium in formulating the next steps to achieve its final aim: a long-term research and innovation partnership to enhance the FNSSA in Africa and Europe. 

In case you are interested to participate to the public seminar on 14 March, or interested in the report of the meeting, please send contact the PROIntensAfrica coordinator Pieter Windmeijer (pieter.windmeijer@wur.nl) or Oluwole Fatunbi (ofatunbi@faraafrica.org).