7 June 2016

Newsletter: Realizing the ambition of PROIntensAfrica is half-way

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Realizing the ambition of PROIntensAfrica is half-way

To develop a long-term research and innovation partnership for improving the food and nutrition security and livelihood of the African population sustainably.
This is the ambition of the IntensAfrica initiative. The two-year PROIntensAfrica project, financially supported by the EC, was initiated in 2015 to realize this ambition. During the Steering Committee convened in Wageningen it was emphasized that there is a variety of pathways leading to sustainable intensification of African food systems and that we need to align to capitalize on this variety. Two events emerged to position the project.

First, the High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) between Africa and Europe adopted a roadmap leading to a research and innovation partnership on food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture. One of the pillars concerns Sustainable Intensification, and IntensAfrica may be instrumental to realize the ambitions of this pillar. The implementation of the roadmap is financially supported by various parties, and an instrument is just launched for those who want to embark.

Second, the new H2020 work program opened an opportunity that may contribute to realize IntensAfrica ambitions. It concerns a Cofund, where African and European parties pool funding for a joint call with a top-up of the EC. PROIntensAfrica joined forces with related initiatives to submit a proposal called LEAP-AGRI. Hopes are high that this proposal will be approved, leading to an actual 25–30 M€ research program.

I believe that the on-going activities underline the need, the potential and the momentum to align forces and explore and exploit the variety of pathways. I am convinced that this will lead in the end to an effective and efficient research and innovation program, to the benefit of all involved parties. I therefore am very proud that we can inform you in more detail about PROIntensAfrica in this newsletter.

Huub Löffler European Coordinator of PROIntensAfrica

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