23 February 2016

PROIntens Africa survey: Register your sustainable intensification initiatives in Africa

News from PROIntens Africas website.

PROIntensAfrica maps existing agricultural research projects for sustainable intensification in Africa. To date, we have received the data of about 400 research and development projects. It’s a start, but we now need everyone’s participation. We mainly need information on projects completed over the last 5 to 10 years.

The data collection, organised by PROIntensAfrica’s work package 3 is intended for the mapping of sustainable intensification initiatives. The survey for data collection started one month ago and the database now gathers nearly 400 projects, many of them registered by French partner CIRAD. The database will be analysed by the end of February. It is therefore asked to contribute as soon as possible, and preferably before 20 February.

Contribute now: www.intensafrica.org/survey

Why contribute?

The data collected are intended to provide an overview of research initiatives on sustainable intensification in Africa, so as to assess the geographic and thematic scope of the different pathways of intensification, as well as their respective shares. The fruits of this work will be shared as part of PROIntensAfrica, and they will also be communicated to the contributors.

How to contribute?

Visit the website www.intensafrica.org/survey. Guests can encode information about their projects via a web form. It is also possible to send data from multiple projects simultaneously in a XLS (Excel). Template for this can be found here..

You can also send the documents for your projects (reports, articles, description…) that allow us to clearly identify your projects. Relevant information are geographic scope, budget, agricultural practices studied or implemented, the indicators used and the details of a contact person.

If you want to contact the database administrator directly, or if you have specific questions, please feel free to write at vincent.larondelle (at) uclouvain.be. If it’s more convenient for you, we can also offer you a telephone interview.

The database will be operated until the end of February. It is therefore asked to contribute as soon as possible, and preferably before 20 February.