4 June 2015

International attention at UCPH researchers report on deforestation in Cambodia

University of Copenhagen researchers Ida Theilade and Lars Holger Schmidt's report Redd+ and conservation of Prey Long Forest, Cambodia, from 2011, now gains international attention, as a part of the world-wide news on deforestation in Cambodia. This is due to a meeting held in May 2015, in The United Nations Forum on Forests, which wanted to strengthen existing policies to address the effective management, conservation and development of all forests. It aimed to forge an international police for the next 15 years that will be aligned with the new sustainable development agenda.

The article can be found in the English newspaper The Guardian and later this week in Al Jazeera America.

For more information on on-going UCPH research related to this topic, please visit the website for the FFU funded project Community Monitoring of forest resources in Cambodia.