18 November 2016

Peter Engelund Holm from SCIENCE contributes to new book about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

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The UN's Sustainable Development Goals (henceforth SDG) is the focal point in a book that was published recently. Professor Peter Engelund Holm from Department of Plant & Environmental Sciences has written a chapter about water as a precondition for life with CEO of Grundfos Mads Nipper. SDG number 6 is about securing access for water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Denmark is a pioneer

In order to succeed in achieving the objective, it is important how the water is brought to where it is most useful. According to the two authors one og the challenges is to avoid water spill in the distribution and all the places where water is used - in households, in the agricultural sector and in the industry.

"Denmark has the abilities to lead the way. We have a number of unique competences, technologies and solutions in the field of water, and we have a great opportunity for and duty to address the major, global challenge of water accessibility. If we do this using reasonable business models, we can create a new, strong basis for green growth in Denmark" Peter Engelund Holm and Mads Nipper write.

Useful work of reference

The book about the UN's 17 SDGs sees the goals from a Danish perspective and is the first in Denmark to discuss them as well as why they are important both nationally and in the world. The book is, among other things, about an increased efforts for the climate, ending poverty, increasing equality between people, education for all and good health for all.

The book, which is published by DJØF, is useful for people, organizations and businesses that in the coming years will be interested in and work with the SDGs. It is written by Denmark's leading experts within the different areas that the SDGs concern, and is edited by emeritus professor Steen Hildebrandt from Aarhus University. The foreword is written by former president of the General Assembly of the UN, Mogens Lykketoft.