15 February 2018

Partnership Fund Now Open for Applications

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from P4G.

Starting February 5, prospective partners can apply for P4G funding by submitting a concept note that describes their partnership idea, the key organizations involved and how the partnership will lead to sustainable economic growth in large or multiple markets.

The deadline for submitting concept notes is March 30.

Selected applicants will then be invited to submit a detailed proposal.

P4G write following about the Partnership Fund in their guideline for application:
The strategic purpose of the P4G Partnership Fund is to support innovative public-private sector partnerships that address global sustainable development needs. The P4G Partnership Fund will contribute to overcoming barriers related to accessing finance by providing catalytic funding necessary to inspire the replication of more public-private sector partnerships.

Read more about P4G here.

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