14 February 2019

Open for nominations: FAO Conference Awards

The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Unions (FAO) call for nominations for this years FAO awards. The deadline is February 28.

FAO write in their call for nominations:
"Individuals, institutions and organizations who have made outstanding achievements in fighting hunger all feature among winners of the FAO Conference awards. Today they are the champions of the Zero Hunger Generation - the first generation with the capacity to end hunger and make food and nutrition security truly universal. The awards were established on the basis of resolutions during the FAO Conference, the organization’s highest governing body."

In total, FAO calls for nominations for five different awards. Among them are the B.R Sen Award, which is presented to "field officers who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of countries where they are assigned" and the Jacques Diouf award, which is presented to "individuals or national/regional institutions that have made a significant contribution to the improvement of global food security".

Prices and eligibility
The winner of the B.R Sen Award will be awarded with a cash prize of USD 5, 000 during an awards ceremony at FAO headquarters in Rome. The criteria for nominees are as listed below:

"All nominees should have made an exceptional and evident contribution to the advancement of the country or countries where they were assigned, in particular in the fields of sustainable agricultural and rural development or food security. This could include technical innovations in agriculture, fisheries or forestry; institutional or administrative improvements; discoveries of new resources as a result of research, surveys or other investigations; establishment of training and research institutions; or achievements in any of the many other tasks assigned to FAO personnel. Nominations should be submitted by FAO professional staff, national institutions, FAO Representatives, counterparts to FAO Representatives d or UNDP Resident Representatives."

The winner of the Jacques Diouf award  will be awarded with a cash prize of USD 25,000 at the FAO headquarters in Rome. The criteria for nominees are as listed below:

"Any individual, national, regional or global institution who has made a significant contribution to the improvement of global food security can be nominated this Award. The winning individual or institution should be one that has:

  • developed suitable analyses of the causes of food insecurity and successfully advocated for consistent measures that have been adopted and applied, on a large scale, by governments, civil society organizations and/or private enterprises, through programmes aimed at fighting hunger and malnutrition, and/or;
  • mobilized resources and led the implementation of large scale programmes for fighting hunger and malnutrition that have reached demonstrated and sustainable impact.

Proposals for nominations presented by national, regional or global institutions should be submitted to FAO Representatives or to FAO Regional and Sub-regional Representatives, in countries with no accredited FAO Representative. FAO National, Regional and Sub-regional Representatives or UNDP Resident Representatives, can also submit nominations directly to the FAO Awards Secretariat."

Read more about this years FAO conference awards and download the nomination forms here (past deadline).