9 March 2018

Nutrition: Children in Peru are getting taller and smarter

This news is redirected and translated by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from Verdens Bedste Nyheder.

Something odd has happened in Peru in the last couple of years. Many of the children in the country are today remarkably taller compared to children of the same age 10 years ago. This is the results of a new report by the World Bank. The explanation is, that more children get better food early in life. This way, they are able to reach their natural hight.

In 2005 almost half of the children in the rural districts of Peru suffered from reduced growth. That was caused by lack of food containing the nutritions that children need in order to grow. Today, the problem is far from completely solved but now only around one out of four children in rural areas does not reach the normal hight.

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