6 January 2017

Nominate young African innovators for the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance.

If you know Young African Innovators who could benefit from angel investors, internships, scholarships and the experience of Harambeans, please nominate them to join the 10th class of the Harambe Entrepreneur Alliance.

Harambeans are young African innovators who are scaling social and business ventures across sectors, raised capital from prominent investors such as Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and gained the endorsement of the African Union, Vanity Fair and the Queen of England among others.

Admitted candidates will attend our 10th annual symposium at Tufts and Harvard University and Bretton Woods, April 7-10, 2017.

Nominations can happen here.