28 September 2017

Report: Water scarcity due to climate changes creates higher rates of unemployment and migration

A new UN report shows the links betwen climate changes, water scarcity, unemployment and how this can lead to migration.

Social unstability and migration can be the outcomes of the increasing droughts, floods, and water pollution caused by climate changes.

This is some of the results of a new UN report. The report sheds light over the interlinked problems between water scarcity and unemployment among youngsters and refugees and as mentioned how this can lead to social unstablitity and migration. Furthermore, the report calls for new investments to solve the problems.

"Investing in all aspects of water resources management, services provision and infrastructure is beneficial to social and economic development. For example, prioritizing investments in the provision of basic services unlocks the potential of economic growth and breaks the vicious cycle of low productivity linked to poor health and lack of education opportunities. Such conditions maintain poverty, thus blending structural and non-structural approaches (including ‘natural infrastructure’) could be particularly cost-effective and has a multiplier effect in job creation.," writes the authors of the UN report.

Read the whole report here.

Image: Steve Dormann, Flickr