10 July 2019

New report evaluates Danida's support to African researchers

Lene Møller Madsen, Associate Professor at UCPH, has co-authored a report evaluating Danida’s support to African researchers. The results are in general positive but inequalities are still found in African Ph.D. - students and Danish researchers' work-relations.

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What effects has 30 years of Danida support to research collaboration and capacity building in Africa had? The Danida Fellowship Center have gotten answers to this particular question in the gran new report ‘Opportunities, Challenges – and Bad Weather’, which gives a voice to African participants telling about their experiences from the Danida supported research cooperations throughout the last 30 years.

The results were presented June 27, 2019 at the common Nordic Conference on Development Research at Copenhagen Business School.

The researchers Lene Møller Madsen, Associate Professor at University of Copenhagen and Hanne Kirstine Adriansen, Associate Professor at Aarhus Universitet, are behind the analysis ordered by the Danida Fellowship Centre. 

The report shows African Ph.D. – students and researchers receiving Danida support in general have positive experiences in relation to the cooperation in Denmark – both professional and personal.

The Ph.D. projects variates a lot in their focus and it also variates a lot, for how long the Ph.D.- students stay in respectively Denmark and Africa.

Differences are also found in regards to whether African Ph.D.-students do their research at a university in their home country or in Copenhagen.

However, most of the students highlights good libraries and laboratories as reasons to execute parts of their studies in Denmark, and here they have the opportunity to discuss with Danish researchers.

99 percent become employed
One of the things highligted in the report is the high employment rate after the programme. The results show 99 percent of the 300 respondents are employed whereas the majority is employed at a university while others are employed in the public sector (…)

Read the full article here (Danish only).

Read the report ‘Opportunities, Challenges - and Bad Weather’ here.

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