11 November 2016

New pulication: Standard methods for Apis mellifera brood as human food

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Authors: Anette Bruun Jensen, Josh Evand, Adi Jonas-Levi, Ofie Benjamin, Itzhak Martinez, Bjørn Dahle, Nanna Roos, Antoine Lecocq & Kirsten Foley.


Insects hold enormous potential to address food and nutritional security issues. The honey bee is a key insect, given its importance for pollination, as well as its products which can be directly consumed, like honey, pollen and brood. Research on edible insects is an emerging field that draws upon methods and techniques from related fields of research. In this paper, we provide recommendations and research protocols centered on production of worker and drone brood for human consumption, on brood harvesting, including hygienic considerations, on nutritional aspects of brood, on sensory analyses of brood and brood products and on the gastronomic applications of honey bee brood; all of which will help elucidate the edible potential of honey bee brood now, and in the future.


Original language English
Journal Journal of Apicultural Research
ISSN 0021-8839
Pages (from-to) 1-28
Number of pages 29
State Published online - Oct 2016