31 May 2016

New publication: Biodiversity, carbon stocks and community monitoring in traditional agroforestry practices: Berau, East Kalimantan

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Authors: Adisti Permatasari Putri Hartoyo,  Iskandar Z. Siregar,  Supriyanto,  Lilik B. Prasetyo & Ida Theilade.

Traditional agroforestry practices in Berau, East Kalimantan, are suitable land use types to conserve that potentially support the implementation of REDD+. The objectives of this research are to assess biodiversity and carbon stock in various traditional agroforestry practices, also to determine the accuracy of the ability levels of local community in biodiversity and carbon stock monitoring. This paper presents the implementation plan and preliminary data in Kampung Birang and Kampung Merabu, in Berau district. Professional forester-led methods of biodiversity and carbon stock assessment follow the recommended procedures, while training component are carried out using different method in order to test the accuracy of monitoring level. First round of data collection in both villages identified main fruit trees, locally known as langsat, in Kampung Birang, while different durian were found in Kampung Merabu. Field observation showed that the total time taken for completing the monitoring work has declined in line with the work cycle progress supported by willingness of community to participate in the monitoring program.
Original language Engelsk
Journal Procedia Environmental Sciences
Vol 33
Pages (from-to) 376–385
Number of pages 10
ISSN 1878-0296
Status Udgivet - 2016