5 October 2016

Chairman of the Development Committee at UCPH: The minister needs more impartial advice

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Council for Development Policy and that the minister himself will select the members. This does not harmonize with the governments goals on the field of development, Helle Samuelsen, chairman of the development comittee at the University of Copenhagen and head of department at the Department of Anthropology, writes as a contribution to the debate.

Helle Samuelsen, Associate Professor and head of department of the Department of Anthrolopology.

The debate about the new finance bill, including the funding of development aid, was rapidly lost in domestic political issues for and against top-rate tax relieves.

It is in sharp contrast to the ambitions in the new development political strategy saying that Denmark must support the global development and "make the world a more secure, free, wealthy and justly place to grow up for future generations".

A target this ambitious of course must start with a thorough domestic debate about Denmark's engagement in the global development.

In connection with the preparation of the new strategy for Denmark's development cooperation, the foreign affairs minister Kristian Jensen (V) travelled around the country and participated in a number of debates about Denmark's contribution to supporting the new Sustainable Development Goals. It is both necessary and good that the minister finds time to discuss Denmark's role in the global world with the citizens of the country.

Necessary, because we in Denmark quickly can get absorbed by more or less powerful domestic political key issues. Good, because the face-to-face meeting is a part of our democratic culture where citizen involvement and a thorough level of information is assigned a high priority.

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