5 October 2016

Great prize for a researcher in international Development Law

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Sunday 25th of September - on the 140th birthday of the Carlsberg Foundation - professor Morten Broberg, who conducts research in developing countries, and professor Tobias Holch Colding received the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prize 2016 at a banquet at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in central Copenhagen.

Morten Broberg, professer at the University of Copenhagen, and Tobias Holch Colding, professer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, received the prize for excellent research efforts within international Development Law and mathematics, respectively.

The prize comes with DKK 1 million, of which 750,000 is given to research activities, while the remaining 250,000 is a personal award.

About Morten Broberg

Morten Broberg receives the prize for his widely recognized research in the issues that are connected with the area of development and especially in relation to development aid, international trade and judicial reforms in developing countries.

He plays a central role in the international research and contributes significantly to an expansion and redefinition of this field of research, seen from both a basic scientific and application-oriented perspective.

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