10 August 2017

Funding opportunity: International Climate Initiative

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from the Terra Viva Grants Directory.

Germany’s International Climate Initiative supports projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation, and biodiversity projects that have climate relevance.

The IKI is open to a broad range of participants from Germany and internationally. It supports projects carried out in partner countries by federal implementing agencies, NGOs, business enterprises, universities and research institutes, and by international and multinational organisations and institutions.

Thematic priorities for funding:

  1. Supporting the Implementation of NDCs in Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
  2. Financing Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  3. Forest Landscape Restoration – Latin America, Africa or Asia
  4. Sustainable Urban Development – Latin America, Asia
  5. Sustainable Mobility and Strategies for Decarbonising the Transport Sector – Latin America, North Africa or Asia
  6. Climate-friendly cooling technology in buildings, logistics and industrial processes – Africa, Middle East or Latin America
  7. Supporting the energy transition and the development of climate-friendly energy systems – Southeast Asia
  8. Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) – Asia, Latin America or Africa
  9. Biodiversity Conservation in Marine and Coastal Regions – Africa or Southeast Asia
  10. Biodiversity Conservation at Landscape Level – Africa or South Asia

IKI lists its cooperation countries, including the priority countries, for grants. Grants are generally over €200 thousand, and often much larger, for projects that are usually two to four years.

The closing date for project outlines is 12 October 2017.

You can learn more about the International Climate Initiative, their selection process and information about the funding opportunity at their website.