4 May 2016

The European Development Days 15-16 June 2016

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from the European Development Days website.

The European Development Days (EDD) are Europe's leading forum on development and international cooperation. Organised by the European Commission, the forum brings the development community together each year to share ideas and experiences in ways that inspire new partnerships and innovative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges.

The tenth edition of the European Development Days (EDD 2016) will take place in Tour & Taxi on 15-16 June 2016. Registration is needed and should be done before the 15th May 2016.

Please notice, that there will be one specific session on 15 June at 17:45 to 19:00 on EU support to research and innovation for development.

You will find here practical information about the venue, its facilities and services, as well as more details about transportation and accommodation opportunities in Brussels, along with more useful information.