23 February 2016

Equator Prize 2015 - Prey Lang Community Network, Cambodia, selected as a winner

One of the winners of the Equator Prize 2015 is the Prey Lang Community Network. University of Copenhagens research infrastructure has played a role in the continued progress of the project. Senior Researcher and coordinator of the project, Ida Theilade, has in an earlier interview explained how the university's already existing database of local forest ressources has been important in the developing and systemization of the monitoring of the biodiversity in Cambodia. The documentation is important for all with an interest in stopping the deforestation.

About the Prey Lang Community Network

Working to protect a 500,000-hectare forest in the Cambodian lowlands – the largest primary lowland evergreen forest remaining in the country – Prey Lang Community Network is an alliance of indigenous Kuy communities that is using communications technologies to document forest crime. Since 2007, the network has advocated against illegal logging and large-scale land grabs for mining, agri-business and logging concessions. With an emphasis on non-violent actions and peaceful dialogue, the network has engaged civil society, indigenous associations, commune and district authorities, NGOs and research institutions in a joint movement for environmental justice and sustainable development with the goal of improving the livelihoods, food security and health of the 200,000 people living adjacent to the forest. The network uses forest patrols and smartphone technology to geo-reference, document and upload information about forest health, illegal logging and wildlife poaching. As a result of their work, the Government of Cambodia drafted a sub-decree to make Prey Land a protected forest. The network has become the primary source of reliable on-the-ground data about the forest, information that is now used by a range of stakeholders to strengthen advocacy efforts on continued protection of Prey Lang.

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Video about the Prey Lang Community Network:

Prey Lang Community Network, Cambodia - Equator Prize 2015 Winner from Equator Initiative on Vimeo.