11 April 2016

Deciphering the Relief Aid Market

The recent report from Global Humanitarian Assistance shows that the global humanitarian aid market has reached a yearly turnover of 24.5 billion USD. But the humanitarian aid organisations are increasingly challenged in providing the needed solutions. A closer collaboration with the private sector and researchers is needed in order to meet the challenges ahead

The project “Knæk Koden til Nødhjælpsmarkedet” sets out to establish a Danish innovation platform enabling humanitarian organisations, private sector and academia to efficiently develop and commercialise needed solutions.

With support from the Danish Industry Foundation, Danish Red Cross, DanChurchAid and the Danish Refugee Council is teaming up with private sector companies in Confederation of Danish Industry as well as the universities in Aalborg and Copenhagen in order to develop sustainable solutions for the relief aid industry. The project will facilitated by the access2innovation association.

From 2016 – 2018, the project partners will conduct a series of workshops and feasibility studies of potential relief aid business cases that will be launched end June 2016 and at the upcoming workshop 24th August 2016. They will be based on a market driven approach focusing on sustainable energy, water and sanitation solutions along with improved sheltering, use of ICT and payment solutions.

The project holds resources to initiate 10 feasibility studies with funding of up to 50.000 DKR and launch 4-6 partnerships with funding of up to 500.000 DKR where the private sector, academia and NGOs will team up with access2innovation to test out needed solutions based on the outlined cases. Access to the funds available will be open for applications as of September 2016.

The expected outcome is that the demonstration projects will lead to 4-6 commercial viable solutions meeting the demand of the end users, providing the needed in-sight to develop the foundation for a cost-efficient Danish Innovation platform for partnership driven innovation that target demands in relief aid market.

For further information, please contact Jacob Ravn – jr@acces2innovation.com