7 September 2016

Danida Market Development

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Support partnerships among the private sector and research institutions. The aim is to contribute to develop sustainable growth and employment in developing countries.

About the call

Danida Market Development Partnerships focus on creating local economic development in developing countries and thereby contribute to the achievement of the UN Global Goals. Focus will be on Goal 8 in particular – promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

The starting point will be a business idea managed by one or more partners. Financial support is granted for combining knowledge and resources from several sides with the purpose of ensuring better development results.

With the new partnership facility, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to support the development of innovative partnerships between businesses and civil society organizations, research institutions etc. Each partnership must as a minimum include a private business and a non-commercial partner.

The application process is a two-phase:  Deadline for concept note is 1st October, 2016.  Deadline for a full application is 1st May, 2017 (applies only for those who have a written invitation).

Grant opportunities

Support is provided for:

  • Activities of the non-commercial partner(s) including local partners related to staff salary, travel costs and other expenditure related to their engagement in the project.
  • External consultants may be recruited where justified for achieving project objectives, but the major part of the staff input is expected to be provided by the project partners.
  • Services from local service providers may be included (e.g. related to training, organization, technical support etc.)
  • Activity related expenses, including local transport, communication, IT, etc.
  • Minor equipment for demonstration purposes may be included, but the Danida grant does not support large scale investments in e.g. productive infrastructure.
  • Communication activities in relation to project activities and results. Max. 200.000 DKK per project.
  • An overhead of maximum 7% may be included in the budget to cover expenditures of the non-commercial partner responsible for project administration related to general office expenses, administrative costs including budgeting, accounting and reporting etc. The overhead is calculated on the basis of the grant from Danida to the project. Further details are provided in the administrative guideline.
  • Project activities must primarily take place in the partner country; still a few project activities may take place outside the partner country, e.g. study visits or workshops for local partners, administrative support covered through the overhead costs etc.

Learn more from administrative guidelines

Total budget

In 2016 the framework is 41 Mio. DKK. which is expected to be implemented in support to 5-6 partnerships.

Application help and guidance

The application process is a two-phase:

Concept Notes must be submitted on 1st October, 2016, at the latest, by one of the non-commercial partners. The application material also includes a link to the Concept Note form.

Applicants who proceed to phase two will receive an invitation in writing to submit a full application. Deadline for submitting a full application is 1st may, 2017.