1 June 2018

Danida Market Development Partnerships

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) is a business instrument which falls within the Danish government’s priorities for Development Cooperation as articulated in the Strategy for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action – “The World 2030”. Promotion of market-driven sustainable growth and employment in the developing countries is a key priority for Danish development cooperation. DMD complements other Danida business instruments as well as bilateral and multilateral engagements that aim at promoting inclusive economic growth and employment opportunities, among others through increased trade, investments and business development. Moreover, DMDP will contribute towards fulfilling the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)1.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently accepting proposals for its 2018 Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) with an aim to contribute to sustainable economic growth in developing countries within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Partnerships programme features an innovative approach to involvement of the business sector and contributes to motivating and mobilizing investments from the private sector.

The 2018 call for proposals to Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) has been launched with deadline for submission of concept note applications 16 August.

DMDP promotes commercially oriented partnerships that contribute to market development and promote local economic growth and employment in developing countries.
You can find more information on the DMDP here.