31 August 2015

Anchoring climate change adaptation in local economic development in Viet Nam

Viet Nam is highly vulnerable to climate related disasters and gradual effects of climate change. Local authorities are both eager and motivated to respond to these hazards, but they do so within a primary focus on economic development. In this new DIIS Policy Brief researchers from Viet Nam and DIIS explore what drives the responses of local authorities and also where their room for manoeuvre is limited.

  • Climate change efforts need to focus on developing capacity in local government to adapt plans to local conditions
  • Local government is strong in disaster response and ‘climate proofing’ infrastructure, but a wider perspective is needed to ensure that economic development initiatives contribute to reducing other forms of disaster risk
  • Local agricultural departments should advise poor farmers on how to manage climate risks associated with greater dependence on export markets and other aspects of Vietnam’s rapidly changing rural economy

This Policy Brief was prepared by Le Duc Ngoan and Le Thi Hoa Sen from the Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry and DIIS Researcher Ian Christoplos.

The Policy Brief can be downloaded here.

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