2 December 2016

Cambodian foresters will stop the deforestation with selfies

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The forests in the Southasian country Cambodia are being chopped down at a furious pace. In a couple of decades the major part will already be gone.

But the members of the activist group Prey Lang Community Network (PLCN) are fighting to stop this development. The group consists primarily of the ethnical minority Kuy that lives in the Prey Lang Forest i the northeastern Cambodia.

But with a new campaign on the social media new methods are applied to get the attention of country and world leaders and make them take action.

Find a tree and take a selfie

At the PLCN website the request sounds: "Find a tree. In your street, in your village or in your forest. Take a selfie with that tree and post it on Facebook. Then ask your friends to do the same. Now you have showed your support for a future Cambodia with forests."

Through the campaign PLCN wants to establish national and international attention about the serious problem with deforestation in Cambodia, and especially protect the unique Prey Land Forest.

The forest is the greatest remaining evergreen foreston the Indochinese Peninsula. It is the home for about 300.000 people as well as several threatened plant and animal species which all depend heavily on the forest.

The unique ecosystem also plays an important role in regulating the water discharge and fish spawn locations which millions of people in the Mekong delta are benefit from.

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