13 February 2018

Calls for Proposals: Innovation for System-wide Impact

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from Climate-KIC.

EIT Climate-KIC is looking to support ambitious initiatives with a clear pathway to positive climate impact, consistent with the Paris Agreement targets and our Climate Innovation Impact Goals.

Our common ambition is to create a prosperous, inclusive, climate-resilient society with a circular, zero-carbon economy, where our long-term impact is to achieve deep decarbonisation and strengthen climate resilience through innovation. The EIT Climate-KIC community is a pioneer in testing and delivering such innovative solutions and a movement for rapid change.

Our climate innovation impact goals are:

  1. Consistent with the three 2015 international agreements
  2. Aligned with science-based climate targets
  3. Directly relevant to areas of action required in Europe’s Paris Agreement commitments and its 2030 Climate and Energy Framework
  4. Located within domains in which significant innovation is required

To ensure we have a framework for measuring progress for each impact goal, we are working to establish 2030 targets consistent with the needs of the Paris Agreement, and a pathway to achieve those marked by measurable outputs in 2020 and interim outcomes in 2022.

For more information please consult the latest version of all relevant call for proposal documents below.

EIT Climate-KIC 2018 Priorities

This document presents EIT Climate-KIC’s programmatic priorities for 2018, acting as a guide for our Calls for Proposals.

Proposal Guidelines

This document describes EIT Climate-KIC’s programme types, call schedule, proposal submission process and review and decision-making mechanism for Call 2. 

Deadline for applications to all programmes: 2 March 2018

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