18 February 2019

Call for papers for Tropentag 2019

The Tropentag 2019 conference will take place September 18-20 and this year's theme is "Filling gaps and removing traps for sustainable resources management". The following call for papers is redirected by SCIENCE from Tropentag.

The conference language is English. A panel of referees will decide upon the acceptance of the contributions based on the abstract. The decision for a contribution to be accepted as poster or as oral presentation is at the discretion of the panel of referees. A programme committee will allocate the accepted oral contributions into 24 interdisciplinary sessions. Contributions of an interdisciplinary nature will be preferentially selected as oral presentation.

For submission of your abstract, please use the online form, which is available at www.registration.tropentag.de. Abstracts of original research should contain 250-350 words. Abstracts containing less than 250 or more than 350 words will be rejected by the online form, in this case, please add or remove text from your abstract. Immediately after submission, an automated reply message is generated and sent to the email-address you specified. This message contains the WWW-addresses of both a Web-version and a Print-version of your document, created from the data submitted via the online-form. Please check these versions and report any errors to info tropentag.de.

If you encounter problems using the online form, you may send your contribution to the e-mail address info tropentag.de, include your abstract in the mail body or attach it as plain ASCII-Text file. If your abstract contains special charcters and/or equations, which cannot be represented as plain text, you may attach a document file in an appropriate format (pdf, rtf, word-document, ...) to your mail.


  • April 15, 2019: Submission of abstracts
  • June 15, 2019: Notification of acceptance
  • June 30, 2019: Reconfirmation of contribution by authors
  • July 20, 2019: Compulsory registration and payment of conference fee by all presenters
  • October 31, 2019: Submission of four page paper version  (voluntary)
  • Notification of acceptance: Prior to June 15, 2019, all persons who submitted a contribution will be informed about the decision of the Scientific Board concerning the acceptance of their contribution.

All accepted contributions will be compiled in the conference proceedings (book of abstracts). These proceedings will be distributed to all participants at the beginning of the conference. For all accepted contributions, a one-page abstract will be generated from the input submitted via the online form. All accepted contributions are also published on-line (http://www.tropentag.de). However, contributions that are not presented at the Tropentag will be deleted from the online version of the proceedings.

Submission of four page paper
All authors of accepted contributions are free to submit a four page paper version of their contribution before October 31, 2019.

These papers will be published online at the website of Tropentag (http://www.tropentag.de ). In order to search the full text of all published papers, a search engine will be installed locally. Additionally the site will be promoted and submitted to major search engines.

The contribution must be ca. 4 pages; paper size is DIN A4 (21x29.7 cm), top margin is 2.5cm, bottom, left and right margins are 2.2 cm. All images, figures and tables must be inserted directly into the text. You have to use the file Template_TT2019.rtf as template for your contribution. Recommended layout and structure may also be seen from this four page version submitted for Tropentag 2015 in Berlin.

In order to facilitate the process of publishing your four page paper online, only Acrobat pdf files (portable document files, extension: .pdf) are accepted. All authors who do not possess software for creating pdf-files may use the free online PS to PDF Converter ps2pdf.com or use the trial mode of the Adobe online service in order to create their pdf-file. If you encounter problems by converting your paper, you are also free to submit your contribution in .doc format as Email attachment to info tropentag.de.

Please submit your four-page-version prior to October 31, 2019, otherwise the paper will not be published on the internet. For the upload of the four page paper versions, please use one of the methods described in the section Upload of Contributions below.

Presentation of posters
Guided poster sessions at this years conference will be held on all three days of the conference (see call for papers).

The poster may have size DIN A0 (841mm x 1189mm) or DIN A0 Oversize (882mm x 1247mm), upright format (Portrait!!!). Please note that the organisers are not able to provide a printout of posters. In case you wish to additionally distribute DIN A4 or DIN A3 copies of your poster, please bring them along.

If you wish to incorporate the Tropentag logo, you can download it here: as .eps (1.6 MB) or as .jpg (650 kB).

If you wish to present your poster on our homepage as well, please send us a pdf-version (portable document format) of your poster, which will then be made available via a link in the List of Presentations in our homepage, in addition to the links to the html and pdf-versions of your abstract.

As described above, you can also submit a four page paper version of your poster to be published online.

Poster award
The organisers of Tropentag 2019 will grant the best five Tropentag posters with a price of 200 € each sponsored by Ecoland.

All accepted poster presentations are eligible to compete. The presenters of the posters do have to upload an electronic copy of their poster (as pdf and smaller than 2MB) via http://www.tropentag.de/submission/upload_poster.php before September 18, 2019.

Submission of data show for oral presentations
Speakers should deliver their presentation file at an indicated, central point near the registration desk. The presentation will be distributed to the projection points in the lecture halls from this central computer exclusively. We'd like to receive your presentation as early as possible but no later than one day prior to your scheduled lectures. If this is not possible, the presentation must be delivered at least one hour before the beginning of the session.

Projection from a PC is available in all lecture halls.

Presentations will be accepted only as MS Powerpoint presentations or stand alone presentations. Correct presentations in other formats cannot be guaranteed. Please make use of standard fonts only. We recommend Apple users to test their presentation on a Windows computer. The usage of a personal laptop computer in order to ensure correct display of complex presentations such as movies etc., will NOT be accepted.

Upload of contributions
Any kind of contribution, like revised versions of your abstract, four-page-papers or posters may be uploaded using one of the methods decribed below:

  • via online form
  • via E-Mail: You may also use the e-mail address info tropentag.de to send your contribution to the organisers of Tropentag. When using this method, the size of the file attached to your mail must not exceed 2 MB!

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