22 March 2018

Call for nominations - The Climate-Smart Agriculture Project of the Year!

This news is redirected by The Secretariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from  Africa Climate-Smart Agriculture project.

The Climate-Smart Agriculture Project of the Year Award 2018 award will provide recognition for outstanding projects which unite multiple stakeholders in the agriculture ecosystem with the shared goal of establishing or furthering CSA initiatives. Nominations will be evaluated in light of the following criteria:

Innovation: Nominations will be judged on their creative approach to solve real challenges through the collaboration of multiple stakeholders. The collaboration must show the mutual strengths of each of the partners and how converging these strengths resulted in a tangible solution that results in scaling of CSA approaches.

Proven impact: The initiative must have had, or have the potential to create tangible results. The initiative should demonstrate environmental / climate, social & economic impact. Specifically under environmental / climate, it must show how it is mitigating carbon & enhancing ecosystems. Socially, it must show how it is enhancing food security. Economically, it must show how it is creating income opportunities / jobs.

Longevity of project: Projects will be judged in consideration of the life-span and opportunity to grow and replicate elsewhere, the initiative will show how it is resulting in not only social, but environmental, economic & financial returns to for self-sustainability and guarantee longevity.

Our panel of 3 industry experts will choose from the Top 10 shortlist to decide the overall winner.

Nominations will close on the 17th April 2018 and the short listed finalists will be announced on the 1st May 2018.

If your project is shortlisted a project representative is required to attend the awards presentation on behalf of the project on the 15th of May 2018 at the Trademark Hotel, Nairobi.



  • Nominations must be submitted by the lead partner/coordinator for the project. Please note Nominations submitted by private sector partners alone will not be considered for the award
  • Please obtain the nominee’s consent to participate in this awards program
  • There is no submission fee, however, if you are entering a nomination, please ensure that you complete all required fields of the nomination form. Incomplete nominations will NOT be considered 

Shortlist Showcase

  • The top 10 shortlist will receive a feature in our digital ‘CSA Project award’ section on the event website
  • Each shortlisted entry will receive 2 non-private sector delegate tickets to attend the summit, including awards presentation. Please note, private sector companies will need to purchase a pass to participate in the summit at a discounted rate
  • The top 10 shortlist will be showcased in a dedicated area of the event and will be availed an area to distribute information about the project

The winning entry will receive extensive media coverage and industry recognition for their achievements in sustainable agriculture in Africa. The recipient will be awarded the following:

  • A crystal award at the Climate Smart Agriculture Summit 2018
  • A press release announcing the winner will  be published on aidforum.org as well as event website africa.aidforum.org with details of the winner’s initiatives, research or inventions that made an impact on agriculture sector in Africa over the past year
  • Social media endorsements by AIDF across their various channels
  • 2 complimentary places to the Climate Smart Agriculture Summit 2019

Make your nomination here.

Read more about the award and the Africa Climate Smart Agriculture Summit here. 

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