1 September 2016

Analysis: Education in Development Countries is the smartest investment

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More boys and girls than ever before are now going to school. According to experts further investments in education can be central in the struggle against extreme poverty, create a more peaceful world and even help brake climate change.

Most people properbly understand that education is good for all children. But education has a very special role when it comes to creating a sustainable future for both nature and people globally. Professor Jeffrey D Sachs, who is an expert in sustainable development and advisor for the Secretery-General of the UN, even claims that education is the most important part of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

The 17 goals aims at solving many of the world's greatest challenges. The UN has, amongst other things, set as a goal that everybody in the world must have access to an education of at least upper secondary education by 2030, and that extreme poverty must come to an end. Sachs argues that more and better education will make it possible to reach the goals with eliminating poverty.

It will require major investments to achieve this, because even though we have come a long way, there are still millions of children, who will not go to school. But everything seems to indicate that education pays off.

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