2 January 2018

Agropolis Fondation: Call for Proposals "Young Scientist"

This news is redirected by SCIENCE from the Agropolis Foundation.

This call for proposals aims to contribute in creating the next generation of experts in the thematic research domains covered by the Foundation. It is launched to facilitate the emergence of innovative and potentially high-impact research activities conceived, managed and carried out by young scientists belonging to the Foundation’s scientific network.

This Call will fund research projects focusing on any of the following thematic research domains covered by Agropolis Fondation and its Labex Agro scientific community, namely:

  • Genetics and genomics, plant breeding, eco-physiology;
  • Plant pests and diseases, integrated crop protection, plant population ecology;
  • Agro-ecosystems, agri-environmental innovations and natural resources management (including ecosystem services);
  • Agri-food innovations, food and non-food uses of crops;
  • Innovation processes and social management of innovations (broadly, "agriculture and society", including governance, local knowledge and practices, and mobilizing social sciences…).
  • Projects cross-cutting several of these domains are welcome but not mandatory.


  • The lead proponent and co-coordinator(s) must be (a) young scientist(s) who has/have completed a PhD in the past 10 years, is/are under 40 years old on the date of submission and from one of the research units belonging to the Foundation’s scientific network
  • 2) The proposal must involve at least two units of the Foundation’s scientific network.
  • 3) Young scientists from research units or institutions outside of the Foundation’s scientific network can participate as partners.
  • 4) A young scientist can coordinate only one project funded under this specific CfP.

This call will fund research projects for up to €20K (maximum) and for a project duration finishing in December 2019, no time extensions will be possible.

Deadline for the submission of proposals is 15 February 2018

Image: wysiwtf_flickr

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