6 July 2018

No deadline: Ulysses S. Seal Conservation Grant Program

This news is redirected by The Secrerariat for Development Cooperation at SCIENCE from Minnesota Zoo.

In an effort to extend the Minnesota Zoo’s conservation footprint, the Zoo has a program to help fund conservation projects in wildlife habitats around the world. The Zoo’s Ulysses S. Seal Conservation Grant Program awards small grants to projects promoting the conservation of wildlife.  The funding for this program comes exclusively from private contributions.  Zoo staff has the opportunity to apply for competitive grants for inspiring projects they want to impact.  They are awarded money to support a project and in some cases participate themselves!

To learn more about projects we have supported,  view the interactive world map.

The Ulysses S. Seal Fund honors a man who inspired the Minnesota Zoo to achieve greatness. He served as one of our first board chairs and founded the International Species Information System (ISIS).  He was also the originator and chair of the IUCN’s Conservation Breeding Specialist Group. He believed in the value of all species and worked to conserve as many as he was able. For his extraordinary wisdom and vision, he was showered with medals and awards from zoos worldwide, but it is here at the Minnesota Zoo where his legacy began, and continues in a fund named after him.

Funding priority is given to field-based conservation, but worthy zoo-based projects are considered. To receive support, a Minnesota Zoo staff member needs to champion the project.  Since its inception in 2002, the fund has awarded over $460,000 to more than 200 projects in 50 countries.

Connect with a Zoo staff member to “champion” your project
Read more about the opportunity here.

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