15 July 2019

Funding opportunity: Darwin Partnership Projects

This funding news is redirected by SCIENCE from Terra Viva

The Darwin Initiative funds capacity building, training, research, and education in support of the major conventions on biodiversity — focusing on the developing world.

There is no minimum or maximum award size. The average project grant amount is £300 thousand with a project duration of 36 months. Additional funding of £10 thousand is available to cover travel and accommodations for up to two persons in support of meeting potential partners to co-develop proposals for larger (main) projects in eligible developing countries.

There are no restrictions on the location or nationality of applicants, but projects must benefit biodiversity and local communities in developing countries.

Furthermore eligibility extents to the following according to the UK governments site:
Applications for partnership projects must be to establish new partnerships and must not simply be to continue existing working relationships. We would normally expect applications from partnerships involving around 2-4 organisations.

Applications must be received by 05 November 2019.

Read more about Darwin Partnership Projects here