14 February 2019

CEBA opens call for proposals on biodiversity in French Guiana

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The CEntre for the study of Biodiversity in Amazonia (CEBA) is a Laboratory of Excellence based in French Guiana aiming at fostering knowledge on biodiversity in Amazonia. CEBA contributes to coordinate research capacity in France on the topic of Amazonian biodiversity, and to reinforce collaborations with South American and other international partners. Details are available on the website (http://www.labex-ceba.fr).

The LabEx CEBA opens an annual competitive call for proposals to encourage innovative research on biodiversity in French Guiana (http://www.labex-ceba.fr/en/science/). Projects will be evaluated by the Scientific Board and by external referees, if needed.

Projects must be submitted before the Friday 22nd of February 2019.

Submission guidelines

  • The proposed research must fit within the scientific scope of CEBA (http://www.labex-ceba.fr/en/science/).
  • Funding should not exceed 15’000 € per project.
  • Projects are expected to be completed by the end of 2020, a report will be produced in 2021.
  • For projects involving a member of CEBA or a member of one of the research teams affiliated to CEBA (http://www.labex-ceba.fr/en/teams/), eligible expenses are: equipment, functioning, travel and per diem costs, but not salary. For projects not involving one of the CEBA partners, including non-French institutions, the funds will be managed by CEBA and may include only travel and per diem costs.
  • The file should be submitted as a single file in PDF format. Please remove pages 1 and 2 of the present Word document and remove the commentaries (in dark blue and italics) before transforming it to a PDF file.