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The World's Best News 2017 -
17 Sustainable Development Goals

University of Copenhagen and SCIENCE support The World’s Best News, together with Danish Development Organisations, United Nations and Danida.

In 2015 the Millennium Development Goals reached their target date, and this was a milestone towards eradicating poverty and distress in the world's developing countries. 2015 was also the year where the leaders of the world came to agreement on 17 new and extremely ambitious goals for the future: The so-called Sustainable Development Goals. Telling the Danish people about these is the aim of this year's World's Best News campaign.

Collectively these global goals are the most ambitious plan in human history. Their 169 intermediate goals focus on solving many of the world's greatest issues: eradicating poverty and hunger, secure increased global equality and achieve a sustainable world economy. These goals are planned to be met in 2030 and the new goals will - just like their predecessors, the 2015 Millennium Development Goals - affect billions of people. This time, the issues of hunger, poverty and disease will not only be reduced, but in many cases be solved.

The old goals concentrated on developing countries, while these new goals are universal. Therefore, all countries in the world must accept joint responsibility and be prepared to produce, consume and act sustainably. Read more about the new goals at or at the offical site.

Friday the 8th September 2017 is The World's Best Morning. Join the event on Facebook!